Our Vision

We view our restaurant as being in the style of the “Bistonomique” or “neo-bistro” movements. The idea of renowned chefs cooking more laxed, “neighborhood” dishes from farm fresh, local ingredients and creating inspired “food driven” menus outside of the formal 3 star setting. Our focus will be as such, while blending the flavors and techniques of both French and Asian cuisine and creating comfort and symbiance between the breezy coastal environment and the Fun, artfully prepared food on the plate. For example: “Fresh” Sashimi Tuna “Brulee” Asian slaw, soy reduction, wasabi “Comfort” Korean BBQ Short Ribs Wasabi mashed potato, cilantro macadamia pesto “Coastal” Thai spiced “Moules Frites” Coconut milk, kaffir lime, red curry, house made fries “Fun” Smores Fire, sticks, hibachi, marshmallow, graham crackers, Belgian chocolate, fresh raspberries